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Posted Episodes

Episode 62: Escape

The Void imposter has been defeated, and the orcish prince saved. But that doesn’t mean our heroes are out of the woods just yet. For the blood moon still hangs overhead.

One Shot: Down with the X-Mas

It’s the holiday season once more, and we’ve decided to celebrate by overthrowing a one-world, yuletide government in a world where Christmas creep has made it Christmas year round.

Episode 60: Emotions Make Me Hot and Sweaty

The true nature of the final trial rears its ugly head, and the Agents have to face their inner demons. Will they be able to overcome this final test and earn the right to ascend the mountain?

2022 Halloween Special: Too Ghoul For School Feat. Adventure Incorporated

Head on back with us to the town that it all began in for our Halloween specials Рthe town of Nightwatch! A crew of previously unmentioned agents with the organization known as DAMNED have been summoned by our high tier monstrous throuple to assist them with a concern. You can find more information about…

Episode 56: Dead of Night

Day has given way to night in the blink of an eye, and now the Agents find themselves in a Nightwalker infested forest. Can they reach their destination in one piece, or will the Nightwalkers claim their souls for good?


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