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Episode 34: The Forest Mom

Winterra has unlocked her Shepherd powers, and now it’s time for the Agents to resume their quest. However, things won’t be quite so easy. Transcript Coming Soon!

Episode 33: Shepherd of the Fey

The Agents are back in the Material Plane, and are ready to find the necromancer’s lair. However, something seems to be wrong with Winterra… Transcript Coming Soon!

Episode 32: What Could Have Been

Asmodeus has been forced out of Saithe’s body, but the Agents aren’t safe yet. They still have one final trial left to face, and this might just be the hardest of them all. Transcript Coming Soon!

Episode 31: Devil on Your Shoulder

The Agents are half way through the trials of the Fey, and now they are face to face with Big Betty and whatever horrid culinary abominations she can serve. Can they stomach Betty’s trial, and whatever else the trials have in store for them. Transcript Coming soon!

Episode 30: Trials of the Fey

The Agents are back in the Fey Wild, and ready to face the Trials of the Fey to help find this “lost shepherd”, and maybe a means of hurting the black hand. Surely the trials won’t be that difficult, right? Transcript Coming Soon!

Episode 29: Fey Wild 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

Things seem dark for the Agents and Bookworm after facing off against the necromancer and the black hand to no avail. Perhaps they need to draw on the strength of some trusted allies. Transcript Coming Soon!

Episode 28: Fractured Past

Winterra and Oliver are finally reunited, but the Agents still have work to do. Will they be able to find this necromancer? And will they be able to handle such a threat if they do? Transcript Coming Soon!


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