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Get to Know Us

Your Sometimes Benevolent, often Malevolent DM – Jordan/Hoshi Roman! (He/Him/She/Her)

Jordan serves as the ‘sometimes benevolent, often malevolent’ DM for the group. Jordan was initially introduced to the world of D&D through fellow players Andrew and Christina, and is still relatively new to all of it. Because of relative inexperience with the game, Hoshi relies on friends and fellow cohosts to make sure the campaign is interesting and fun for everyone, audience included. Jordan is an amateur author (no published works to speak of), which is where an interest in DMing came from. Aside from plotting the downfall of friends in a fantasy realm, Hoshi also spends free time training in the martial arts, playing video games, and watching anime or 10 year old sitcoms with his/her wife.

Saithe Everjoy – Played by Caitie! (She/Her)

Saithe was born a combination of several Fandom obsessions, a mix somewhere between Yuno Gasai of Future Diary and Penny Polendina from RWBY; she is aloof and robotic but is showing some serious character development as the show goes on. Caitie herself enjoys her offtime using her BA in Art to create pencil and charcoal drawings, playing with her five cats, building doll houses, and gaming.

The Good Doctor Arlo Agon – Played by Drew McClain! (He/Him)

Drew is a local nerdy fitness guru. He has been wanting to play Dr. Agon for several years now, and when presented with the opportunity in this campaign, jumped in head first. In his spare time from planning his client’s fitness programs, creating the musical intro/outros for our show, and witty one liners for Arlo- Drew likes to paint minis, practice martial arts, work on cosplays, and play videogames – when he’s not spending time with family of course.

Winterra Darknight – Played by Christina! (She/Her)

Christina plays Winterra Darknight – a character that came to her in imagining what the offspring of “Smokey the Bear” would look like in a D&D setting. She has some experience playing in other 5e homebrew worlds, but this is her first podcast and she is looking forward to seeing where the wind takes it! She handles much of the social media, so if you give us a shout on any of those, you’ll likely be hearing from her first! In her free time, Christina is often found messaging the group with bizarre ideas, bothering her fuzzy baby Mordecai the collie mix (especially with her latest musical obsession), working on the next cosplay idea she has, or reading about/playing video games.

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