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Peek Behind the Screen Halloween Special

The adventure is behind us, and now it’s time to see what the gang thought of Drew’s holiday one-shot and the Fun Pals’ concerningly horny escapades. Join us in our complementary after show to celebrate the spookiest time of the year.


Peek Behind the Screen Halloween Special

[Drew]: Using a creepy voice  “Hello everyone and welcome to Peek Behind the Screen.  With me. Your temporary Dungeon Master- Drew McClain.”

[Caitie]:  “…Alright.”

[Drew]:  “Oh, and these other guys.”

[Caitie]:  “Hi guys, I’m Caitie and this time around, I played Niffun.”

[Christina]:  “Hey everyone, I’m Christina.  And this time around, I played Fridahn.”

[Jordan]:  “Hey I’m Jordan Roman and I was P.”

[Drew]:  Awesome, awesome.”

[Christina]:  Incredulously “You were P?”

[Jordan]: I’m sorry-”

[Caitie]:  “Because he-”

[Drew]:  “He is P.”

[Jordan]:  “I am P.”

[Drew]: “-in his heart of hearts.”  

[Jordan]:  “I live in the toilet.”

[Drew]:  “Let it be known, Jordan Roman I am P!”

[Caitie]: Laughing  “I am P!!”

[Jordan]:  You may call me by my screen name- urine.”

[Christina]:  “Oh boy.”

[[Christina and Caitie laugh]]

[Drew]:  “Oh we’re off to a wonderful start.  So, we had a fun little halloween romp today. How do we feel about the town of nightwatch?”

[Jordan]:  “Nightwatch!  That was it!”

[Christina]:  “It was fun!  I liked it!”

[Caitie]:  “I’m gonna tell you that Niffun is going to keep going back there.”

[Christina]:  “I like the-”

[Jordan]:  “-for the night life.”

[Christina]:  “-like the easter eggs.”

[Jordan]:  “You mean Saithe?”

[Drew]:  “The Saithe easter eggs?”

[Christina and Caitie simultaneously]:  “Yes.”

[Drew]:  “I didn’t plan for those initially when I was writing everything out and then like in a another episode we kind of alluded that like Saithe does business there sometimes.  I was like- oh there are going to be some perception checks. I’m just going to throw in whoever gets-” Burps “Excuse me. Whoever gets the highest that like they’re gonna get a little like a glimpse of Saithe doing some shit.”

[Caitie]:  “It was really too perfect.”

[Jordan]:  “I love how it was P both times.” 

[Caitie]:  “All of it sounded just like her.  Like those are all things that she would do. She would absolutely take bloody mary shots with vampires and… What was the other thing she was doing?  Gambling?”

[Jordan]:  “That knife game?”

[Drew]:  “She’s playing that-”

[Caitie]:  “Oh yeah!”

[Drew]: “-playing that knife game. Where you stab in between the fingers.”

[Caitie]:  “Yes.”

[Jordan]:  “It has a name. But I cannot remember it to save my life.”

[Drew]:  “Knifey hands!”

[Jordan]:  Sarcastically “Yep, that’s definitely it! Imagine the most seedy guys sitting on a barrel just, oh hey you wanna play some knifey hands?”

[Caitie]:  “Yes.”

[Christina]:  “Oh boy.”   

[Drew]:  Chuckles  “Woah, don’t mess with that guy- that’s knifey hands Mich. He’s the greatest knifey hands player this side of town!”

[[Jordan laughs followed by a groan from Christina]]  

[Caitie]:  “I honest to god thought you were gonna say knifey hands McGee. That would have been so much better.”

[Drew]:  “Knifey hands McGee felt too on the nose. Like Knifey hands Mich sounds very ridiculous but just plausible enough like someone might-”


[Drew]:  Pauses  “That you would applaud it if you saw it.”

[Jordan]:  “Nah, nah dawg.  That ain’t it at all.  Like not even a little.”  

[Christina]:  “So Jordan. How do you feel about the cannonality of the Friday Night Fun Pals now because they are technically still a part of it and now we are them.”

[Jordan]:  “Honestly like this- okay so, even with like Second Chance. They weren’t super well defined honestly none of the NPC’s were that well defined when I created them. And Second Chance came into themselves during the Silvery Moon Arc. So this for me is fun. Because like, I was able to get some insight into what the Fun Pals were like before I get to use them in the campaign proper. So now I have an idea what they’re like and so that will definitely be fun when they come into the cannon proper which fun fact may be sooner rather than later.”

[Christina]:  “Yeah I saw that based off of our conversation in the discord so like- question now. Are you playing all the Friday Fun Pals with our accents or do you expect us to do that along with our regular characters?”

[Jordan]:  “No no, I’ll-”

[Drew]:  “Yeah Fridahn’s accent is completely different now.”

[Jordan]:  Chuckling  “I’ll take over that part as best as I can. I promise not- like from what I can tell yours was some sort of a european accent. Niffun was bad Stitch as far as I could tell-”

[Caitie]:  “Yeah… basically.”

[[Drew and Christina chuckle]]

[Jordan]:  “Which I already do a horrid Stitch impression so I’m already good there.  And then obviously I was P so I can handle that one.  Which, I cannot tell you guys how happy I was to finally be able to bust that voice out, I was holding onto that one for a while.”

[Caitie]:  “Well, so the way. I was gonna do Niffun’s voice, it was actually a lot deeper pitched and I just couldn’t keep it up. ‘Cause I’m not… my voice isn’t that deep.”  [Goes into a lower octave] “So it was originally something like this.” [Back in normal voice] “So it was originally still bad Stitch but it was a much deeper pitch I just couldn’t keep it up.”

[Jordan]:  “It didn’t sound like bad Stitch at first.” 

[Christina]:  “Gotcha. I mean. I’ll be honest. I am so bad at accents and voices like I do my best, but I’m pretty much stuck in girl voice so anything I’m able to bust out literally was me practicing for a week every night Andrew went to work and just trying to try out different things and seeing what stuck. And I landed on this weird european esque thing.”

[Jordan]:  “So wait, hold on!  All those conversations that we had over the past week or so over discord you just like doing Fridahn voices?”

[Christina]:  Laughing  “Yes!!” 

[Drew]:  “Wow.”

[Jordan]:  “Oh my god that is so much better.”

[Drew]:  “That was one thing. I worried about having this campaign. Like I wanted the characters to sound different and separate from each other and I will say like a couple of characters sounded almost exactly the same and I just had to tweak them slightly.  Like Medusa and Drac are the same voice overall.  Medusa just says darling a lot and has a higher voice.”

[Jordan]:  “Don’t worry. I don’t think we’re going to be seeing too much of them. So your characters will be left largely untouched if that makes you feel any better.”

[Drew]:  “Thank you.  Speaking of Medusa and Drac and WolfMan Kev- What do we think of our love triangle turned throuple storyline?”

[Caitie]:  “It is pretty cute.”

[Christina]:  “Love it.” 

[Jordan]:  “That was honestly pretty great.”

[Drew]:  “To give everyone at home some background information. When we were planning this out and I was like, I wanna DM something, it’s gonna be a one shot, it’s gonna be simple. And I gave the basic premise to Jordan without giving them too much and I was like- There’s this talk of like a skeleton war breaking out.  And he was like well you know wars are pretty complicated.  And I was like no no. No the reason is gonna be dumbest shit like you’ll be able to solve it in a one-shot I promise you. He was like, I dunno it would have to be a pretty dumb reason. Oh no no no. It’s super dumb. It’s just like people not communicating properly about their relationship wants.”

[Caitie]:  “That’s fair!”

[Jordan]:  “Yes, that’s what happens when you send a third party to try and communicate your love triangle.”

[Christina]:  “Mmm, yeah. I am. I am super down for the whole like throuple thing that turned out happening. I’m glad it worked out that way especially with how chill it seems like Kev was and honestly I was a little nervous about how this would work with Drac but I mean they’re vampires so like I mean they have to kind of have been a little bit poly almost depending on how the whole blood sucking thing works. I would guess but-”

[Jordan]:  “Apparently his suck game was on point. So that’s really all he needed.”

[Christina]:  “Right! And we apparently have a vampire pining for Fridahn now. So…”

[Caitie]:  “Oh god!”

[Drew]:  “Oh yeah Fridahn now has canonically a vampire admirer that wasn’t a named character so-”

[Jordan]:  “Everyone can come to this town just to get some.”

[Caitie]:  “Yes.”

[Drew]:  “Literally that guy was just there to be like- no you can’t just go into this office. That was his whole existence and you brought much more out of him than I had expected him to be.”

[Jordan]:  “Yeah welcome to DM’ing!”

[[Drew laughs]]

[Christina]:  “I pretty much walked into this like okay. I just need to intimidate, perform, persuade, or acrobat my way through everything. And maybe with the occasional perception check I’ll be set!”  

[Drew]:  “Now, how do we feel about the moonstone archway entrance to Drac’s office. Because I will say I planned that out ahead of time when I was like thinking of that. I had written down like- I had written down moonstone as a placeholder name and then never came back to it and came up with a better name.  But I wrote that down, I was like- I’m pretty sure most of these guys have access to some kind of invisibility. And I’m gonna plan around that. But I wanted to make sure I wasn’t kind of a shoe stringing you guys too much, er um hamstringing you guys too much.”

[Jordan]:  “Okay, okay I actually wanted to talk about this because this is something I actually brought up with everyone else today.”

[Christina]:  “Yeah…”

[Caite]:  “Yeah he texted us today about this.”

[Jordan]:  “And that is the Friday Night Special that we busted on you.”

[Drew]:  “I will say that like I knew you guys would have access to like one or two people doing some invisibility. I did not expect the Friday Night Special.”

[Jordan]:  “Of course not we. We didn’t want you to. But it always had been- like the way it worked in my mind with these guys was they would always have access to it but then this came up where we will be playing as them and I was like all right. Let me see like logistically how this would work. And I was able to account for P and Fridahn because they bothhave access to invisibility.  But rangers don’t get access to invisibility so Niffun was just kind of left out. So I was having to try and figure out- Alright. How the fuck are we going to do this? And then Christina mentioned the fadeaway feat.  Something that gnomes get access to where when they take damage they turn invisible.  I was like, wait! Then I can just do that. And double down, cast invisibility on Niffun and all of a sudden all three of them are now invisible. Which is something I’d always imagined them to be able to do.  That group huddle of just chanting ‘friday’ over and over and over again until they headbutt into invisibility. It’s something that canonically the Agents have not seen but that they might.”

[Drew]:  Chuckles  “Normally that would have been like, alright if you’re doing damage like roll some damage. But I was like this entire adventure is just like for fucking around. I designed everything around just fucking around with it. Speaking of fucking around with it – Biker Bar.  Like you guys super- I had a whole thing planned where it was essentially a mini game mosh pit where you had to roll.”

[Jordan]:  “Oh yeah what was that mosh pit thing??!”

[Drew]:  “You guys were gonna have to roll like athletic checks to get through the mosh pit and when you failed them you could have taken damage. And I was like or they could maybe like charisma- I was going to leave it like a little bit open to interpretation. I had completely forgotten about the merits of the spell catapult. Because like in most situations it doesn’t come in that handy.  But as soon as you mentioned catapult I was like they could just jump over it. They could just jump over this whole thing.  I think I spent like an hour working out like a balanced way for that to work without killing you guys but also like being kind of fun and challenging. And I was like- oh no…”

[Jordan]:  “That mosh pit was your equivalent to my void ball.”

[Caitie]:  “Yep.”

[[All laughing]]

[Jordan]:  “The thing you thought was well balanced and accounted for but one factor threw the whole thing out of whack and all of a sudden it meant nothing!”

[Caitie]:  “Sounds about right.”

[Christina]:  “Gosh I’m just imagining the report from Raiann after all of this.  Like her reading the report and just giving them looks like- I’m sorry, you did what?!”  

[Jordan as Raiann]:  “Why did you feel the need to make out with Niffun?”

[Drew]:  “I feel like at this point Raiann is desensitized to their antics.”

[Jordan]: “Oh fully!”

[Drew]:  “And she’s like- fucking fine.”

[Jordan]:  “She speaks with them with the same amount of positivity in her voice that she does the Ricks.”

[[All chuckle]]

[Jordan]:  “Which is to say, none at all.”

[Christina]:  “Jordan, how did you describe it exactly when we were trying to plan out like a little bit more about who they were as people you said that she probably hired them on based off of their track record of knowing each other before-”

[Jordan]:  “Right right!  Yeah no, and then afterwards only then did she realize the mistake she had made.”

[Drew]:  “Hah!”

[Jordan]:  Which I think we lived up to beautifully.”

[Christina]:  “I love it, yes.  I was so pumped to be able to play a bard. I love playing bards because apparently as you guys have pointed out. I have some kind of hidden like persuasion flirt ability that I’m not good at in real life and not good at actually taking advantage of except for in my characters I roleplay.”

[Jordan]:  “To be fair. I think that’s something you and Andrew both have because his flirt game was unintentionally spot on.”

[[Drew chuckles]]

[Jordan]:  “I think that’s just a thing you two happen to hold is just role play flirting is on point.”

[Caitie]: “Yes.”

[Drew]:   “With Christina it’s like a little bit like more… jarring to see her like role play flirting on point because Christina like, I know we’ve told this story before. But like when I first asked her out years ago it took her until she was like on the bus on the way home until she realized that I had asked her out.  And someone had told her it was going to happen earlier that day. I was like oh oh you sweetie.”

[Christina]:  “I’m just.. this distant oblivious person. I do my best.  I make an attempt.” 

[Caitie]:  “She try.”

[Drew]:  “She try real hard.  Gold star.”

[Christina]:  “But anyways I was super pumped for this.   Also! But I really hope when we do have to deal with the Friday Night Fun Pals that we never have to fight them because good lord. We are in trouble if we ever do.”

[[Jordan chuckling]]

[Drew]:  “Oh god, they’re ridonkulous.”

[Caitie]:  “Can we talk about how similar Kev and Forngal are?”

[Christina]:  “Oh!”

[Drew]:  “Yeah so… that was literally an on the fly thing because I started fucking up the voice that I had thought of for him.  And that I wanted to be like super tough like- grr I’m a biker. I don’t give a fuck, I’m tough as hell.  But he started out like he kept sounding more surfery-”

[Jordan]:  “Named Kevin.”

[Drew]:  “Yeah!  That was supposed to be the joke. That you’re supposed to be really fucking tough but his name is Kevin.  And he just started sounding more surfery and more chill. And I was like fuck I’m doing Forngal.  Well I have to commit, I’ve already done it too much.”

[Jordan]:  “I’m not gonna lie, I honestly had to like- I kept it as far away from my mic as I could because it will pick it up- But I tossed a coin to decide whether or not the second P was able to talk again whether or not he would shout out – Neeeerd!”

[Caitie]:  “Yes!”

[[Drew and Christina laugh]] 

[Jordan]:  “Thank god I landed on heads so I didn’t because I would have if I had landed on tails.”

[Christina]:  “I just- imagine when you said that like P is only kept in check by his teammates; that like most of that keeping in check is like Fridahn like staring daggers at him.  Like I will stab you with this dagger and you will regret it kind of deal.”

[Jordan]:  “There is a time place for the party. This is not it.”

[Christina]:  “Yes.”

[Caitie]:  “Sounds about right.” 

[Jordan]:  “I had always planned on P being a lot like very chaotic as far as a character.  Not like, to the point of him prevent- like not the point that he would do what a lot of ‘chaotic characters’ do where they’re like oh I just stab the guy!  No. I didn’t want him to be like that disruptive but like… unexpected. I think maybe the best way I can describe how I tried to role play P out.”

[Christina]:  “That makes sense.”

[Drew]:   “You did almost drag the party into some crazy shit a couple of times. The very first possible combat encounter that I will now reveal now that you’re fully done was the ogres.  In that, like if you guys didn’t manage to convince them and it was very clear you weren’t going to get back in line they were just going to try to whomp you. And you almost brought it back into fighting the ogres.”

[Jordan]:  “If I’m being honest I had no intentions- I’m not trying to those guys because if need be I just back off, cast invisibility and then just sneak on him.”

[Drew]:  “That’s true.”

[Jordan]:  “So they were not like let’s super- like even if we weren’t able to convince them I wasn’t super concerned about that.  But no I did-”

[Drew]:  “Well they weren’t meant to be concerning they were meant to be like no. You might have to fight these guys. You might be able to diplomacy your way in. You might be able to sneak past. Let’s see how it goes.”

[Christina]:  “Mmm, gotcha.  I just like playing up the thing of we’re the performance because Fridahn just comes from that place of being like- ah yes. This is what I do. I’m just dragging these guys along for the ride because that’s pretty much how our operation works.”

[Drew]:  “Oh speaking of performance that like busting out on the stage with Six Fingered Meg was like very much unplanned in very bonus like I had planned to the whole like the first encounter of- Well you guys have to party hard enough to earn the right to meet Drac like around the whole party boy aesthetic of fucking the Friday Night Fun Pals. I had not planned for you to catapult yourself out of the stage into this jam out with Meg.  I also hadn’t expected for one of you to try to fuck Meg.  I expected you to talk with her and her to be very off putting and rude and like before she had said anything you were like- I’m gonna try to bang her.”

[Caitie]:  “Nah man, all I said was. ‘hey baby, what can those fingers do?” 

[Jordan]:  “That is very much trying to get some!”

[Christina]:  “Yeah, a little bit.”

[Drew]:  “That’s a come on.”

[Jordan]:  “Like if that’s not asking for a handy, I don’t know what is!”

[Drew]:  “And I had already decided Meg is going to be very direct and like to the point and very blunt. And so when you like made a pass at her I was like alright, roll that charisma. If you win she’s like, all right you’ll do.”

[Jordan]:  “And that was like what one of her five Nat20’s of the night?”

[Drew]:  “Yeah what the fuck Caitie?”

[Caitie]:  “I have no idea man!”

[Jordan]:  “Okay, hold on- I’ll defend her in this case.  She’s not the only one.  Christina and I also rolled an absurd number of Nat20’s.”

[Christina]:  “Like mine right out the gate?” 

[Drew]:  “Scorpion people and your natural twenties.  Blitzing through my shit!” 

[Caitie]:  “It’s like the fucking universe was like you know what?  We’re gonna fuck this up tonight.”

[[Christina laughs]]

[Drew]:  “All the way.”

[Jordan]:  “Like god forbid this happened during the main campaign where there were like actual stakes. No it’s our halloween one shot. Where the three of us just like- nat20, nat20, nat20!  But I guarantee you the next time we do like an actual session. You guys are going to barely role above like fifteen ‘n shit.”

[Caitie]:  “Yes.”

[Christina]:  “And you know what’s funny about this though. I actually picked dice I don’t normally use because I like- I’m one of those people that likes to assign dice to certain characters based off of like personality traits and stuff like that.  So these are actually two sets of dice that I don’t usually use.  One of them is one of the dice sets I used to use for when I did Myne. It’s orange glow in the dark set that’s kind of fiery and the other one is a set of dice I got when I first got a set of dice. It’s this like blue and black mixed set and it usually rolls like shit. So I was like okay, I know my orange one’s pretty average and my blue and black ones are pretty average so that could get us some interesting rolls or some bad rolls and so like the fact that the black and blue one rolled a nat twenty right out the gate on that first roll was absolutely astounding for me.”

[Caitie]:  “Yeah that’s how you know that the campaign is gonna be fucked is when you roll a nat20 on your first roll of the night.”

[Jordan]:  “Yeah, for sure.”

[Drew]:  “I was like there’s so many challenges that I put in your way that could’ve made for some roadblocks where you have to figure out an interesting way around them. Nope!  We’re gonna nat twenty our way through everything.”

[Jordan]:  “Nat20 to victory!” 

[Drew]:  “Speaking of victory and such. How’d you guys feel about you know, going up against Lord Bonington aka Chauncey?”

[Jordan]:  Chuckling  “So good.”

[Christina]:  “It definitely had a bit of an undertale vibe to it with… what’s his name from undertale, the little skeleton boy you have to make friends with- Oh gosh why can’t I remember his name. The- he’s the guard, the skeleton guard.”

[Caitie]:  “Sans?”

[Christina]:  “Yes, yes”

[Drew]:  “Which one, Sans or Papyrus?”   

[Caitie]:  “Oh, Papyrus!”

[Christina]:  “Yeah! I think it is Papyrus, yeah.” 

[Drew]:  “I mean fair, but also that’s just like skeleton voice.”

[Christina]:  “Yeah…”

[Drew]:  “Like generic skeleton voice that I gave him.”

[Christina]:  “Well it’s not the voice. It was more about like the personality just reminded me.”

[Jordan]:  “I- I just appreciate the fact that it was, oh you think you’ve cornered me?  Smoke bomb! And then we all immediately see him and realize he sucks.”

[Christina]:  “ Yup!”

[[Drew laughs]]

[Christina]:  “Yeah he- It was kinda funny although it would have been funny if you could have catapulted him out the window too, because just like no. We’re not doing this,”

[Jordan]:  “I actually just remembered something really funny that Chelsea pointed out to me. Which is so what we saw the fan art that-which  one of y’all did it?”

[Caitie]:  “Which one was it?”

[Jordan]:  “The Fun Pals.”

[Caitie]:  “Me.”

[Jordan]:  “Okay, yeah.  I showed her that. So the two of us must have been watching a lot of brooklyn nine nine lately and we realized that P was basically wearing a Boyle uniform where it was just like gross beige.”

[Caitie]:  “Oh god!” 

[[Drew laughs]]

[Jordan]:  “Which I think may have inspired like some of his upsetting levels of horniness. Which by the way can we talk about how uncomfortably horny this episode was?”

[Caitie]:  Laughing “Yeeeeeah…”

[[Christina and Drew also laughing]]

[Drew]:  “Oh it was great.  Like I put that bait out there and you guys leaned hard into it and I was like- good. We’re going to like this shit is gonna get depraved.”

[Caitie]:  “That was awful and just perfect!  I don’t think that could have gone any better.”

[Jordan]: “No it was fantastic.”

[Christina]:  “Yeah.”

[Drew]:  “Did we enjoy the twist of like all right. Final boss flight. No wait, never mind he, he real bad at this.”

[Jordan]:  “Yeah and also I was kind of low on spells. Most of my stuff was kinda like utility based so I was pretty happy to not have to worry about that.”

[Christina]:  “I was sitting here trying to figure out if like I could use any of my things for like intimidating him and like psychic stuff. But I didn’t know if that would work on a skeleton.”

[Caitie]:  “Yeah because they don’t really have brains.”

[Drew]:  “Yeah. I don’t know if that will work on a skeleton either. I didn’t really like pull up skeleton stats. I was just like, I’m gonna give him very weak stats. Because I want him to be an absolute joke.”

[Jordan]:  “What was his health by the way?”

[Drew]:  “I want him to-”

[Christina]:  “Yeah, what was it?”

[Drew]: “Oh, let me pull up the sheet. I wrote on them.”

[Jordan]:  “Because you said the eleven I in theory would have gotten would have done a lot so I’m very curious how close I was to killing him.”

[Drew]:  “Yeah I gave him- I just gave him twenty five health.”

[Jordan]:  “Oh my god!”

[Caitie]:  “Yeah you took him down like half, jesus!”

[Drew]:  “Yeah I wanted him to be very killable.”

[Jordan]:  “Yeah, jesus!”

[Drew]:  “Like I wanted it to either be like he gets immediately fucked up and gives up like right away or you like hit him, he’s talking all that good shit and you hit him once and he turns to fucking dust.”

[Christina]:  “Wow.”

[Drew]:  “And Medusa’s like- Ah! Wow, that was easy.”

[[Christina and Jordan chuckle]]

[Christina]:  “See, I was gonna be like pulling out the whole gentlemen thing and being like how dare you start a fight inside of this lady’s office and then like cast ‘Fear’ or something on him and just try to like intimidate him into doing what we wanted. Like how dare you not do what she asked you to! Even though I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of this either because that’s why we’re not going physically with you to go do this but we’ll be there for moral support.”

[Jordan]:  “You had Fear?!”

[Christina]:  “Yeah I have Fear. Fear and Shatter I think.”

[Drew]:  “I can tell you, you did not need to cast fear on Lord Bonington the Bony Boy.”

[Christina]:  “I mean I ended up not, not needing to. But yeah I had them in my pocket if I needed it.”

[Drew]:  “You hardcore fucked that boy up.”

[Jordan]:  “Considering I was the only one who did anything during that entire combat encounter, yeah I’d say it was unnecessary to cast any spells.”

[Drew]:  “Let me see, so we kind of went through everything here… oh, one last question for Jordan since you’ve been DM’ing and this time you’ve been a player so it’s kind of like a role reversal for you. So kind of going from DM’ing to being a player for the first time in a while. I think it would be interesting for you to tell the viewers or, I guess the listeners out there – What that mouth do?

[Jordan]:  “GOD DAMN IT I KNEW IT!”

[[Caitie and Drew laugh]]

[Drew]:  “I don’t care who’s DM’ing, you’ll never escape it!”

[Jordan]:  “The second you singled me out, I knew it!  You bitch!”

[Caitie]: “Get fucked.”

[Drew]:  Laughs  “Those of you who are listening to our after show for the first time, we have a running joke of sneaking in asking Jordan – What that mouth do-”

[Jordan]:  “Woah, woah, woah. Hold on a fucking second! What do you mean ‘we!?’ You do that!”

[Caitie]:  “Ehhhh, it’s me too.”

[Jordan]:  “You’ve done it like once!”

[Christina]:  “I was going to say, I think I’ve done one.”

[Caitie]:  “And, to be fair, I did it earlier in the episode but instead of mouth it was fingers.”

[Jordan]:  Contemplating his existence  “Wait, did you?”

[Drew]:  Laughs “True.”

[Caitie]:  “What those fingers do?”

[Drew]:  “Yeah, when she asked Meg – what those fongers do?”

[Jordan]:  “Oh.  I didn’t even catch that.”

[Caitie]:  “Get fucked.”

[Drew]:  “Also, Niffun  found out very intimately what those fingers did.”

[Jordan]:  “Can we end this?!”

[Caitie]:  “And that mouth!  BYE!!”

[Jordan]:  “CAN. WE. END. THIS.”

[Christina]:  “Thanks for listening!  Happy Halloween!  Bye guys!!”  

[Drew]:  “Alright, now I can declare it over three two one, now it’s done.”

[Jordan]: “Bye.”

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