About the Show

Agents of DAMNED is an actual-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast where 3 adventurers work to prevent calamities and disasters from arising before they can ever become a threat. Join Arlo Agon, Winterra Darknight, and Saithe as they try to protect the world from unknown forces, and try to adjust to working for the Department of Adventurers Maintaining Normality and Eradicating Debacles, or as they’re better known, DAMNED.

“I’m hooked. It feels like socializing with less pressure. It’s fun to listen to how much fun y’all are having.”

~Patreon subscriber, A.T.

Agents of DAMNED Halloween Special (part 1): The Coffee Run from Heck Agents of DAMNED

It's time once again to pull back the veil and take a look at a different group of DAMNED operatives. This time we're following the adventures of Timid, Artemis, and Dark Edge as they face the most horrifying challenge the agency has to offer: internships.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/agentsofdamned)
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